Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zhu Zhu Who!!

Every time I ask someone about Zhu Zhu pets they say, "Zhu Zhu who?"
So before I tell you about what the latest toy fad for this year is watch this video.

Well I learned about this latest fad in late September early October of this year and about a month and a half ago one of my neighbors kid had one. Now I looked really strange at the pink ball with this hamster in it and thought, okay this is ia middle school young man with a pink ball with a hamster toy in it.

When he showed most of this kids you know as kids do they said, "Eww-w-w!" Since then I haven't really heard too many of the kids talking about it unless they are on their cell phones texting about it. Yeah isn't technology great, lol! So now you know the latest craze and I can't believe now they have and iphone application for the hamsters. Well I tell ya that they are really hot they are going for sale on ebay and amazon from $30.00 on up to lots for $500.00!

Don't believe me take a look here.

That's a lot of  zhu-u-u-min! These hamsters are jumping off the shelves so much so that there are eBay members making handcrafted clothes for them. Yes talk about being creative

Then there are those that are selling other sorts of zhu zhu accessories.

Well I suppose I should get my zhu zhu items up and stop blogging, huh?

Stay tuned for the auctions here!

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