Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to all! 
May your year be prosperous and peaceful!

Here we are at another new beginning and boy I am excited for what the new year will bring. Many challenges for myself for one with the continuous research and writing of my first book, re-inventing myself shall be fun and challenging. Here's a free downloadable e-book that I would like to pass on to you from one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin. He wrote it last year but this really gets you pumped up and the information is timeless.

I don't know about you but have you noticed over the past few months that Google places interesting pictures superimposed on it's search home page? Well I started noticing when it was Sesame Streets 50th anniversary

what a very interesting image they had. Big Birds legs was the "L" in Google it was quite cool to see. From then on I started watching and was anticipating what they were going to do next.

How appropriate that they put something on their home search page for the New Year

Well I found out who does these his name is Dennis Hwang actually he has been doing these for a few years. His first was the Fourth of July in 2000 that he was to modify before then Google had used outside contractors for the logo but they wanted something more fun well ever since then he has been logooling. The art work that Dennis creates using the letters in the word "Google" to bring attention to a celebratory occasion of the day, year or month.

I have really grown accustomed to the anticipation of what he is going to place on the home page of Google next.

Enjoy Dennis's New Year 2010 Logoogle or as he says Google Doodles, lol!

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