Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting back in the GROOVE

As this day of 10-10-10 fades out, over the past few weeks I have been getting back in the GROOVE. I haven't been around much do to working and acclimating myself to a new job but life goes on. Now that the kid is back in college and the holidays are coming up I thought lets get back in the groove of things and pace myself a little better. So I decided to start out with participating in a cool online function called Worldwide Moment.

Basically what you did based on your time zone on 10-10-10 @ 10:10 AM GMT  you take a photo at that specific time. Well being the fisher woman that I am of course you know where I was at that time when converted to my time of 6:10Am. I was fishing waiting for the fish to bite. You can see my photo here I wasn't sure if they would accept it but they did and boy did I feel good. What I find extra special about this is that I was placed on page 10 the 3rd row and 3rd picture from the left too funny huh? Someone out there into numerology would have a blast with this. Photography is on of my pastimes and when I can combine fishing and photography together is really makes me appreciate the things our creator has given us.

I can't believe that I was able to capture the essence of a new day with my Blackberry cell phone. I love my Blackberry. Technology sure has advanced. I am sure I will be participating next year as well it really did something for my soul.

The morale here sometimes you have to just step away from the box to get back into the GROOVE!

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