Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A professional Artisan

A Professional Artisan

I finally did it. It shows you that if you continue to stick with a goal you have made for yourself eventually you WILL achieve it!

I love to create scrapbook albums via decoupage, embellishments and photographs. After numerous months of researching and incorporating what I love to do and share with others, I figure there must be a way to incorporate these loves into my income stream. Well I decided to create pieces of artwork on the blank canvas of 12" X 12" scrapbook albums. I finally created my first piece for Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the memory of my Aunt who passed away from Breast Cancer before there was a Breast Cancer Foundation called Susan G. Komen.

I have sold that piece a week ago and have achieved the goal I set out to step into the professional realm of being a artisan paid for my creative skills. There is nothing like an accomplishment visualized with hard work and due diligence.

I would like to thank my buyer from Hawaii that purchased the said art piece below and pray that they will enjoy the many precious memories that they decide to affix to this scrapbook album art piece.


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